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የአንባቢያን አስተያየቶች

  1. Hamon says:

    They have been told but didn’t listen for 26 years

    OLF is the enemy of Oromo not Ethiopia. Why? Because Ethiopia was there for 1000s years before the Oromo/Galla migration to Ethiopia since 1550s following the Islamic war against Christian Ethiopia between 1529-1543 conducted by the Ottoman Turk and its slave Arabs using the Somali dark slaves and Nomadic area.

    OLF is a terrorist organization committed crimes against humanity. It participated with the savage Tigre self appointed Shifta group called TPLF dividing Ethiopia based on the two benefits and agenda introducing Ethnic politics which is the first time ever happen in the world this kind damaging policy and Kilel based on language in order to get reasons for Tigres to occupy lands from Amhara and Afar using Tigre settlements there in order to claim lands by occupying them first..

    OLF today is divided at least in 4. IFOL=Islamic Oromo liberation front one of and lead by the Yemeni bastard jawar mohanned; the west and Arabs are hoping to use him against our country as they did use all the terrorists to destroy other nations including Afghanistan with Mujahidin, al-Qaida against themselves including USA, IS in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, Nigeria and so on.

    Oromo is a new name since 1974 and it is used to describe different Ethnic groups and clans as if all of them are one and eth same. Oromo is divided
    1. Between 4 negeds or tribes
    2. Between 29 clans, lots of sub clans and plenty sub-sub clans
    3. Between 75-80% Muslims, 20-25% Christians
    4. The so called in oromia kilel are living more than 43 different Ethnic groups
    5. There are other divisions and differences within Oromo as well.

    yet, the stupid and lawless minority Christian within so called oromo mainly those in abroad are spreading lies after lies for decades talking oromo this and oromo that ignoring or unable to see how things are to different and complicated within Oromo.
    The Oromo/Galla History in Ethiopia is known and it is based on mass migration with savagery and cruelty since the 1550s. Most of those saying are Oromo today are not originally Oromo particularly those in Shewa, Welega and Arusi but Amhara, Gurage, hadiya, kembata, sidama and so on forced to assimilate with the galla/oromo way of life after the Galla invasion.

    The so called Oromia today is created illegally since 1994 like Tigry does taking lands by force from others. Much of shewa is an Amhara land and the rest is for Gurage, Wolaita (Amhara.Agew), Welega is historically an Amhara land. Arusi and North west balie belongs to Sidama, hadiya, Amhara, kembata, Gurage and so on. Kefa belongs to the keficho, Illubabor belongs to gambela and Amhara.

    The point is that what OLF stands for in the name of oromo instead of one and united Ethiopia is delivering them nothing but from bad to worse for oromo within and others. OLF is part of the TPLF crimes in our country for 26 years. TPLF is fucking them for 26 years but still they are vomiting on the Amhara. And most of those in the OLF Christian part are themselves, parents or grandparents are not oromos but Amhara and few from other Ethnic groups.

    Oromo people must wake up and smell the realities on the ground. The so called oromia is not going to happen as it is created illegally since 1994 by taking lands from others at all sides. Today they have conflicts with the Somali. Tomorrow will be with the sidama including in Shashemene and Dila, then with gambela, then with Beshangul, then with hadiya, Gurage, Then with Afar and then with Amhara in the whole of shewa knowing Shewa is historically an Amhara land together with others including Gurage, hadya and so on.

    OLF need to go to hell forever. O has to change to E meaning Ethiopia. Oromo has a save and legitimate place only within Ethiopia. Other than that nothing will happen for them as their history is known and most of those saying they are oromo are not originally oromos but forced to assimilate with the galla/Oromo way of barbarism and cruelty.

    United Ethiopia is the Answer. Death to Jawar Mohammed who is a Muslim terrorist ring leader acting in the name of Oromo. As long as he is there, the situation will be the way the terrorists want to happen. Never trust and have anything to do with that savage coward terrorist jawar Mohammed. He is a bastard liar and garbage. Oromo doesn’t need that terrorist for sure not Ethiopia. He must go back to Yemen where his onetime sex with his slave mother father comes from.

    Ethiopians that have anything to do with that stupid and coward criminal trash Islamic terrorist jawar Mohammed must ask themselves about their thinking, behavior and the goal they are going to achieve. Never trust that coward and liar terrorist who is suffering from deep hate and Islamic terrorism.

    Never have anything to with that terrorist. He is part of the TPLF agenda in our country. He must be cleaned before it is too late. Never ever trust that bustard for anything. He is tiny trash coward deserve no attention at all but total rejection and ignoring him as if he is not there. Just eliminate together that bustard for good. He is from IFLO=Islamic front oromo liberation.

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